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 On Site Search and Investigations with K9 TEAM for

 |   Missing Adults and Children  |   

|   Immediate locate of missing Alzheimers, Autistic and at risk individuals  |   

 |  Human Remains  Locate |   

|   Evidentiary Findings  and Discovery |   

|   Scene, Sightings and Discovery based on subject's scent |   

We conduct many types of customized investigations depending on the case.

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Tracking Dog Team


 Recovery-Based tracking and scent dogs are successful when other K9s are not

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Missing Persons


Time is of the essence. 

Working with families and the public.

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Working with Professionals


How we help law enforcement,  private investigators and detectives, federal and state bureaus of investigations

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TarQwyn Investigations K9 Team

In pursuit of the missing...

Scent Specific dogs professionally trained to recover missing children and adults.

Our K9s are trained to recover the lost and missing using the quickest route to the victim as opposed to technique based protocols which focus a scent dogs training on method and technique. Our tracking dogs regularly work and train on human scent trails that are several months old.

Our system and recovery process has proven successful when others have failed. See case below.

Honoring K9 Camden - IMAX Super Power Dog

Our own, K9 Camden is honored for his work... in pursuit of the missing.

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TarQwyn Investigations

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