About Karin TarQwyn

 Karin TarQwyn is one of the most recognized private investigators and K9 handlers in the United States. 

Since 2005, she has worked full time assisting  in the location and recovery of the missing. 

TarQwyn appears regularly on TV shows and in the media.  She has  been featured and filmed by CNN, Animal Planet, the Today show, People, PBS, Dog Fancy and over fifty TV shows and newscasts across the U.S. 

Contact Karin

Karin can be reached by calling 

855-316-3334  or

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Licenses, Certifications & Subjects of Special Study

  • Licensed Private Investigator in the State of California... CA license #PI 28194
  • Licensed Private Detective in the State of Nebraska...license #656
  • Licensed Private Investigator State of Florida License # C1700085  A 1700050 
  •  Licensed Private Investigator State of Missouri License # 2014 012295
  • Licensed Private Investigator State of Iowa  #112638 & # 1557NE
  • Licensed Private Investigator State of  Kansas License #D-5922
  • Licensed Private Investigator State of   Texas License # 51261101
  • Graduate - American University of Private Investigations
  • CERTIFIED MASDN - Missing Animal Scent Dog Network 
  • Member NASDN - North American Search Dog Network

 Worked, trained, studied, participated or attended  the following:

  • MedicoLegal  Investigations
  • The Use of K9s in Forensic Investigations
  • Evidence Preservation
  • Equivocal Death Investigations
  • Taphonomy for the Human Body
  • Response and Understanding a Death Scene
  • Cold Case Forensic Detection & Recovery
  • Human Remains Detection
  • Determining Time of Death
  • PRESIDENTS DNA Initiative Crime Scene & DNA Basic
  • NASDN-NORTH AMERICAN SEARCH DOG NETWORK 2010- 5 day Midwest training
  • Alameda County SAR 
  • Contra Costa County SAR
  • Alameda Police Department K9 unit
  • CARDA California Rescue Dog Association
  • NASAR Scent Theory 
  • BSAR: Red Cross Emergency Med First Responder 
  • Mantracking CARDA 
  • Wilderness Night Search CARDA