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From Karin TarQwyn to you... the industry professional.

We are a private investigative agency  based in Nebraska and licensed in seven states. 

Our specialty is working recovery-based tracking dogs for the location and recovery of missing adults and children. I have been a K9 handler and trainer of scent specific dogs since 1996 and have done this work professionally since 2005. We have a four dog K9 Unit  for missing people.

How we can help you with your cases:


Our dog teams are trained different than what you may have experienced with police dogs or search and rescue dogs.  From the first day of their training, the selected K9s are worked in contaminated scent pools and taught to scan and always find the most RECENT trail for the subject.

Our dogs are also trained on aged scent trails and can detect and follow the trail of a subject when for most scent dogs the trail would be cold and/or undetectable. 

For example, on a recent case the subject had been missing for 16 days. The missing persons case was being led  by another investigative agency and we came in to do the K9 work. K9 York found the missing person in seven minutes. The subject was deceased. NOTE: K9 York is not a human remains detection dog but is a tracking dog trained to find and decipher aged scent trails.  He quickly found the decedent by following his 16 day old scent trail. K9 York has successfully located and followed scent trails that are six months old.

We invite you to contact us if we can help you with a missing persons case where on-site work for location of the subject or disposition and/or direction of travel and means is sought. 

Case Work and Testimonials

..." Karin (and York!) were consummate professionals throughout their involvement in the case.  Her dog handling expertise and investigative skills coupled with her calm and determined demeanor is exactly the kind of professional you want in the most difficult of circumstances such as these. 

 Thank you, Karin and York, for your great service and the opportunity to learn from a top notch investigator. 

 I would highly recommend Karin and her K-9 team to anyone in need!."

Molly Ann - Bix Elite Detectives

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