Missing Adults & Children


Seasoned Professionals... both human and K9

Karin TarQwyn has been working and training scent specific K9s since 1996 when she volunteered as a K9 handler in a California based search and rescue unit with the sheriffs department. She opened her private investigative agency in 2005 and has worked full time in pursuit of the missing ever since. 


Quick deployment... in any terrain

Since 2005, Karin and her K9 Teams have assisted families in 42 states while in pursuit of the missing. 

The tracking dogs on her teams have proven to be the most effective tools when working missing persons cases whether it is a cold case or a missing child/adult lost in the woods. 


Recovery- Based Tracking K9s

Trained to find the most recent scent trail to get to the subject the fastest... whether living or deceased.

The dogs on the K9 teams have been uniquely trained to work towards recovery. The dogs are allowed and encouraged to use their natural abilties to follow a scent trail as opposed to the "method training" found in most search and rescue dogs.

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