Tracking dog K9 York the search for a 25 year old missing man

Missing Over 2 months in Western Nebraska

Working for the family

The K9 Team was  deployed to a small town in northwestern Nebraska to assist a young wife in the search for her husband who had been missing over 2 months when the team arrived. 

Although there had been police, search and rescue and other volunteers, there had been no clues, leads or sightings of the young father since he went missing.

The investigative team went to the last place the young man had been seen and the K9s began tracking from there.  Five hours later the K9s had tracked to a wooded area where  the scent  picture changed and dissipated. we were notified that a flood had gone through this area near the time the young man went missing.

Unidentified evidentiary findings  as well as the trail taken by the K9s was presented in the field as well as in a report to local law enforcement who took over the disposition of the findings  and work product from there.

A bloodhound team would later confirm the trail  with similar findings.

This case is still under investigation by law enforcement and remains open.


Names, dates and location have been removed for the privacy of the family and the missing individual.