Missing Teenager

Cold Case Track- deployed 5 months after girl went missing

We deployed to assist an Oklahoma based police department. A 13-year-old girl had gone missing and there was evidence that she may have been kidnapped and transported to another county. 

The case was due to go to court and the homicide unit was still working the case for evidence. They asked if our dog team could establish that the young girl had been present at the location and if we could find additional remains by tracking her scent. 

Upon arrival, we were given the young girls hairbrush and additional information in regard to found vehicles and other evidentiary information. 

During the search, the four K9s we deployed on the case were able to locate additional remains, provide input on what may have happened to the decedents remains and provide valuable information as to where the girl had walked and where her scent had ended. 


Names, dates and location have been removed for the privacy of the family and the decedent. 

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