From a family member

“I want to thank a wonderful and brilliant woman for bringing our family closure today. No, it's not what we wanted but we all needed it. Karin TarQwyn, you really are fabulous. 

Kolton will always be remembered.” 

Family member Latessa Zinn

Working with Private Investigators

On May 4, 2019, I had the great privilege of joining Karin TarQwyn in an investigation to locate Kolton Dicus, a young man from Milford, Iowa who had been missing since the early morning hours of April 18.  

For anyone who has ever worked a missing person’s case, time is the enemy.  Evidence disappears, leads evaporate and the trail tends to go cold as time passes.  As of the date of the search, Kolton had been missing 16 days.  The weather had been unusually cool and several rainstorms in the interim days further diluted hope that Kolton could be located.

The search came to a tragic conclusion when Karin’s lead K-9, York, a six-year-old Belgian Malinois, located Kolton’s body within 7 minutes.  While it was not the result anyone had wished for, Karin and York brought a resolution to the search and important closure to the family.

Karin (and York!) were consummate professionals throughout their involvement in the case.  Her dog handling expertise and investigative skills coupled with her calm and determined demeanor is exactly the kind of professional you want in the most difficult of circumstances such as these.  Thank you, Karin and York, for your great service and the opportunity to learn from a top notch investigator.  I would highly recommend Karin and her K-9 team to anyone in need!

Molly Ann

Bix Elite Detectives

Family member... Thank you from a brother

Out visiting my brother today. Thanks to K9 York, I am able to do so! 

Such an amazing talent these K9 Investigators have! Thank you York and Karin TarQwyn for helping find him and bring us closure!  I love you to the moon and back and more little brother.

Kyle Dicus

Client and family member

Working with another Private Investigator/K9 Handler - 17 years in Search and Rescue - SAR Evaluator

Having been in Search & Rescue for seventeen years as a K9 Handler and NASAR evaluator, I have witnessed many  methods used to help locate missing people.  

After working with Karin and witnessing how she deploys her scent specific K9 teams, I am  happy her system of recovery based tracking is proving to be successful.  

Having K9s, like Karins,  with the capabilities and alerts that tell us whether a missing person has been in the area and then are also able to track to the missing persons current location is  proving to be key  in locating and recovering missing children and adults.  

As evident by her finds and recoveries, this natural system of tracking works!

Patricia Totillo

Patricia Totillo Investigations

Florida License # C1700061  #A 1700137

From another Private Investigator

I met Karin in September 2010. I was initially a client.  

Over the years I  followed Karin and eventually began to work on location with her. 

 Karin has a case work process which she has developed over the years. She uses the noses and skill  of her K9s to investigate the case  and then  form a plan and strategy depending on the circumstances of each particular case. As the case unfolds, Karin continues to work the process and adjust the plan and strategy towards recovery or resolution. 

Two years ago, I took the steps to obtain my Private Investigator license and joined Karin’s Florida team. I have  worked with Karin on cases numerous times; she is always focused and steadfast in her approach. Her ability to communicate with her K9 team is awe-inspiring to watch in action. 

I recommend Karin and her team to anyone with a missing family member. She really is as good as they say.

Brenda Basiley  - Private Investigator

Florida License #CC1700148    Agency #A1700050

Working with law enforcement

"I was surprised at how far away those dogs could be from the scent and still find it. The subject was over a quarter mile away and they brought us to the house. Plum good dogs."

quote from County Sheriff in Oklahoma

From another private investigator


I was first introduced to Karin in 2013 when she was in Arkansas working a missing dog case. I had never heard of her and never knew there was such a thing as using dogs to search for dogs. 

I began to follow the lost dog community which included Karin TarQwyn the K9PI. I found it rather fascinating and very interesting. 

I didn’t have a lost or missing dog but fast forward to early 2014 when my husband and best friend passed away. I needed a new direction in life and made the decision to contact Karin and find out how to possibly get involved in the search for missing pets. Initially it all sounded easy and I quickly learned that there was a lot more to this “line of work” and I wasn’t sure if I could make it. 

Karin became a mentor, a co-worker and eventually a friend. I think she had her doubts about me at times, but I stuck it out and put all I had into learning what I needed to learn. It is more than just following a tracking dog.  I had to be able to understand what the K9s were communicating to me. 

I Certified as a K9 Handler and obtained a Private Investigator License. I have been doing this work for a four years and have found there is always more to learn. 

I feel fortunate to have been able to learn from the best. 


Angie Rutherford  Private Investigator

Lost Pet Professionals, LLC

K9 Handler/Field Agent/MASDN Certified

Arkansas CMPY .0002390   REP.0004733